Friday, November 1, 2013

Saving Georgia

My first - SELF PUBLISHED novel is up! It is live for Kindle, Nook and paperback as of now! SO EXCITED! Below is an excerpt from the novel - I hope you enjoy it!




“I am a different person with you. Never would I have ever condoned this exhibitionist behavior, or almost throwing my virtue to the wind. It’s like you spellbind me, I’m beguiled.” I purge myself emotionally, and I’m scared to see what he is going to respond with, if anything.
“I see. Well, if I were to do any of those things, don’t you think I could have done it correctly? I’d have had you already, in every way I desire.” Jason says, looking deep into my eyes and planting a simple kiss on my astonished lips. I swear he sucks my breath out every time he gives me those smoldering eyes. “The fact that I am exhibiting pure control, and I’m honoring your requests should show me in a slightly different light, should it not?” He whispers into my lips.

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