Friday, November 1, 2013

Excerpt from Saving Georgia

“Hey Georgia, is there anything I could do that you wouldn’t forgive me for?” Shane asks me, without breaking eye contact.

“Like, if you kill someone or something” I ask.

“Anything, anything at all” Shane continues. “From small things to big things, is there anything you wouldn’t forgive me for?”

“Hurting people is kind of a big thing for me.” I confess.

“OK good.”

“Why?” I ask, wondering what is this guy up to. Is he going to make Jason or Harper disappear? Is he going to paint the water tower or something?

“I want to make sure you forgive me for what I am about to do.” He says, closing his eyes.

Oh this must be big! Oh dear, what is going to happen. My body starts to shake, freaking out that he is going to get hurt or something it going to tear him apart from me.

“What…. What are you about to…” and before I could finish my question, Shane’s hand is holding the back of my head, and his lips are on mine, pushing against my open l mouth. Butterflies fill my stomach and I feel a pull in the deepest part of my belly. I’m so taken aback and surprised I can’t move, then suddenly I am kissing him back. My hands pulling his gorgeous brown hair, my legs wrapping tighter around his waist, and my mouth is hungrily searching for his. My skin is a million sensations; cold from the water, and slightly burned, but tantalized by the sensation of Shane touching me. My chest rises and falls with such bravado in my heady need for affection. I’m beguiled in this transaction of kisses and tongues. He lifts me from my bottom, wades out the water and lays me down on a towel. The beach is empty for all but us, and I feel the weight of my best friend on top of me. He puts his knees between mine, and moves my hair from my face; looking down at me he smiles and kisses me ever so gently.

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