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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mind Blown

Ever write a new character and then you start talking like them? Yeah that just happened. I am also looking for people to make a book trailer for Saving Georgia. Anyone interested?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Saving Georgia is now on sale for 1.99!!! How exciting is that?!

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Reviews are updated almost daily! I hope you check them out! If you read Saving Georgia - please leave a review on amazon or goodreads!



Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kindle Only for 90 days?

I am testing out my book on a new promotion format. I am testing it for 5 days starting tomorrow - and depending on how it goes, my book may only be on Kindle for a short period of time. We shall see. I'll keep you all posted!


Dreams and Visions

Growing up your parents - if you're lucky - told you that you could be anything that you wanted to. Along the way that changes, and the harshness of the world becomes more tangiable and palpable. Your dreams and visions for yourself deteriorate and you've become the sedentary version of yourself based on what society tells you that you can become.

That's only true if you want it to be...

Get up, try harder - the more you fail the closer you get to succeeding. Keep failing - think about how many lightbulbs Thomas Edison had to throw away before he got it right.

I am going to keep pushing, strive for better and be the best version of myself that I can be.

Rock on, my loves. Rock on.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Signed Copies Button

It is up. I *believe* it works... however, the books are not here yet. And my mailboxes got ran over (freakin' figures, right) so bare with me...


Please join Confessions of the Paranormal & As You Wish Tours as we introduce the world to a new author Kristin Flynn Author! Sign up dates are for November 15-30th. Please jump on over and sign up to share some literary love!


I am trying to think up an effective way to set up a way for people to purchase signed copies. I know this is something I've been asked for already, and honestly I wasn't prepared for that. Reguardless, it's something I have to figure out now - which is a good problem to have! YAY! (No, seriously I am happy about this, no sarcasm I swear!).

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fan Girling

There are some authors that I think I would hyperventilate (ok I am exaggerating but you get the point) if and/or when I meet them. But when you hear that they like YOUR work, that kind of takes it to a whole new level of something else I could grossly exaggerate. And yes, that just happend. And I'm tottally stoked, floored, speechless... all the above.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


So, as of right now i'm 4 chapters deep in the sequel to Saving Georgia. I hope to have this done by March, so you all are not waiting too long. Let me tell you, it's SO DIFFERENT from the first book, like I said in my previous post. But, the title I'm not so sure on - right now the working title is Georgia Moon Shine ( a play on words, but I think it could be done differently). Thoughts?

Friday, November 1, 2013


OK so now I am working on the sequal to "Saving Georgia". The working title is "Georgia Moon Shine." The sequal format is vastly different from SG, but I think you all are going to love it! And some of the questions you all have will start to be answered. I really hope you all love it!

So what are your favorite SG moments? I want to know!

Excerpt from Saving Georgia

“Hey Georgia, is there anything I could do that you wouldn’t forgive me for?” Shane asks me, without breaking eye contact.

“Like, if you kill someone or something” I ask.

“Anything, anything at all” Shane continues. “From small things to big things, is there anything you wouldn’t forgive me for?”

“Hurting people is kind of a big thing for me.” I confess.

“OK good.”

“Why?” I ask, wondering what is this guy up to. Is he going to make Jason or Harper disappear? Is he going to paint the water tower or something?

“I want to make sure you forgive me for what I am about to do.” He says, closing his eyes.

Oh this must be big! Oh dear, what is going to happen. My body starts to shake, freaking out that he is going to get hurt or something it going to tear him apart from me.

“What…. What are you about to…” and before I could finish my question, Shane’s hand is holding the back of my head, and his lips are on mine, pushing against my open l mouth. Butterflies fill my stomach and I feel a pull in the deepest part of my belly. I’m so taken aback and surprised I can’t move, then suddenly I am kissing him back. My hands pulling his gorgeous brown hair, my legs wrapping tighter around his waist, and my mouth is hungrily searching for his. My skin is a million sensations; cold from the water, and slightly burned, but tantalized by the sensation of Shane touching me. My chest rises and falls with such bravado in my heady need for affection. I’m beguiled in this transaction of kisses and tongues. He lifts me from my bottom, wades out the water and lays me down on a towel. The beach is empty for all but us, and I feel the weight of my best friend on top of me. He puts his knees between mine, and moves my hair from my face; looking down at me he smiles and kisses me ever so gently.

Saving Georgia Playlist

Here is the playlist! Let me know what your favorite song is!

Will Dailey- Out on the Floor
Carrie Underwood – Jesus take the wheel
Mandy Moore- Only Hope
Jake Owens- Barefoot Blue Jean Night
Miranda Lambert- Fastest Girl in Town
Lady Antebellum- Dancing away with my heart
Jason Aldean/Kelly Clarkson- Don’t You want to Stay
Lady Antebellum – Just a Kiss
Will Dailey- Rise
Lady Antebellum – Kiss Goodnight
Genuwine – In Those Jeans
Secondhand Serenade- Fall For You
Ray Charles – Georgia on my Mind
Faith Hill- Breathe
Kenny Chesney- You and Tequila
Leonard Cohen- Hallelujia
Aaliyah- Try Again
Robin Thicke- Blurred Lines
Luke Bryan- Country Girl – Shake it for Me
Justin Timberlake- That Girl
Norah Jones- Come Away With Me

Saving Georgia

My first - SELF PUBLISHED novel is up! It is live for Kindle, Nook and paperback as of now! SO EXCITED! Below is an excerpt from the novel - I hope you enjoy it!




“I am a different person with you. Never would I have ever condoned this exhibitionist behavior, or almost throwing my virtue to the wind. It’s like you spellbind me, I’m beguiled.” I purge myself emotionally, and I’m scared to see what he is going to respond with, if anything.
“I see. Well, if I were to do any of those things, don’t you think I could have done it correctly? I’d have had you already, in every way I desire.” Jason says, looking deep into my eyes and planting a simple kiss on my astonished lips. I swear he sucks my breath out every time he gives me those smoldering eyes. “The fact that I am exhibiting pure control, and I’m honoring your requests should show me in a slightly different light, should it not?” He whispers into my lips.